Decimal places

She’s out in the wild, heralding times of ecstatic changes marking ten years in the making changing lives by saving the bottom line giving back their free time now, there is more to enjoy on a weekend working towards something more than living wages wedged between stacks of paper in the inbox ever growing piles... Continue Reading →

cumulus network

It was far from over when uploaded to the cloud an entirety of consciousness digitally remastered & merged with the sum total of all knowledge and connections swiftly rewriting access calculating the scales weighing out once and for all the value of humanity’s equation


It works, I swear it does Despite the error message (It’s lost and found) Scrubbing through solutions Formulas Retooling some and leaving others to their own devices How dare you defy logic!? Oh wait I was wrong There’s just a whatzadozit in the margins Causing error


Whirring machine spinning freely It’s ten degrees warmer by default An hour or more to process Over three thousand versions of a query & depending on what you’re after In the end it’s just a tool No regards for the process


It’s full of hope, potential, and promise Capturing imagination by performing feats of calculations & holding that piece of data just long enough to field requests endless clicks and tips and tricks just to get the damn thing to register each piece a struggle each connection empowering it never stops

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