Arbitrary Scheduling

He wanders in, abstract At whatever time pleases While towers fall around He exits, stage right each time Before the rest Have had a chance to breathe He complains That he “doesn’t feel welcome” As if his indifference to the clock Negates the reason for scheduling Promises promises Each one left undelivered

Defective Programming

Here it is, held to the light Turned over by hands Some unresolved issues out in the open Simultaneously writing code (Corrupt at that) Trying to integrate (Albeit due to faulty code) Replication as a form of contentment As if to say it ever makes anything better When in the history of existence It brings... Continue Reading →

Digital Trespassing

Reaching into the back pockets Under the guise of protection Falsely accusing and ruining the lives One digital print at a time Now that conspiracy runs counter to your version of truth It is only a matter of time before the remaining controls are leveled Pushing beyond scope All the way to your digital prison... Continue Reading →

At the intersection

It’s still under construction This tiny traffic light Powered by ideas and riddled with Pitfalls of misfiring During crossed wires And excited utterances All stop and go (Sometimes full throttle) At the intersection between silence and speech

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