Broadcast over radio: *static*

I check the time and the weather  several zones over; contemplating  remixes of far-off places  & people scurrying about on their   days gone by. A shiny red apple and  two tangerines escape the box on the  stand; taking refuge under dusty oxen  cart.  There is no difference  you know, save  for the weather &  branding... Continue Reading →

imperium machina

Bright light through curtains Beams of tomorrow shining through Liquid gold overflowing Pressing effortlessly onwards It hurts to look and see blinking rapidly to adjust arms crooked above head Open yawning maw It may be noon now Somewhere else Here we remain in artificial stasis capturing glimpses via microscopic glasses

In no uncertain terms

An abstract painting hangs above the mantle, distractedIt leaves stones unturned in its own way; an absolute marvel of colorTinged with emotionAn incomprehensible composition What is this medium? Massaging my eyes in all directions Circling around trying to find commonplace ground Unfiltered resistance.


Mindless scrolling throughtucked away articles, bookmarkedfor the now that is later.Finding threads that fit into a patchworkpattern of fabric, full of vibrancy &tell-tell signs of clever craftsmanship.There isn't a lack of information per-se,the deluge has markings of the whelmevidenced by the volume at eleven.

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