Herding cats in the dark

It’s dark inside Disoriented Feeling my way across the floor Hand touching fur It’s coarse It’s not my cat Scooping him up to put back outside Soft purring And the annoyed sound As if to question my motives For wanting more sleep


human confusion, man identifies as shark; found dead in ocean. some days you know me, masking glorious façade; merely playing dead. i broke a magnet,tried to find a monopole;duplicate dipoles. breaking news at ten, there are sharks in the ocean; they say they’re human.

It’s time, go now

It’ll be too late before you know it, long before the last ice sheet melts, the penguins will be gone. They’ll take with them a cute monkey and an even cuter ball of wild. Don’t believe me? Ask the dodo, the black rhino- they’ll tell you all the same; or the spix declared gone just... Continue Reading →

I Fits

There’s a paper on the floor just one piece, partially square in a vast sea of non-occupation contemplating the new sensation across one side hearing crinkle as toe beans nestled one after another vibrating purr amplified

India in Texas

Tiger! Tiger! roaming light, in the suburbs of the night, what immortal watchmen’s eyes, could frame your fearful symmetry? In what distant suburban park, do you lurk here in the dark? What if we to take to skies, and spy the tiger with our eyes? What the bullhorn, and the chains, to capture roaming feline... Continue Reading →

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