Whistle while wandering

The crow never flies south He told me with a grin The spirit lives beyond The mortal coils of sin He tipped his cap slightly Aligning it rightly Ever so slightly Recalling a story he heard As the crow flies straight So is spoken word alight If ever there was never A dark and stormy... Continue Reading →

purring engine

My cat watches the wall like it's suddenly going to move. Perhaps it is on such an imperceptible level that my human brain cannot fathom; atomic visuals no doubt I started to pet, breaking concentration and starting up the purr machine. Let's face facts the felines are fine so are the feelings, but that's another... Continue Reading →

Zombie Cat

You have the world's pain, I see you carrying all; On four bleeding paws. I cannot save you, From the wretched human ilk; They are not my kind.

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