I saw him as he passed, slowly increasing in temperature glistening skin, a tale-tell tigon of sickness refusing (as it were) to believe it rather yet approaching in proof of immortality “You need to go home,” I say, pulling back & Before I can go on I’m awake with a start Not yet in the... Continue Reading →


We were tucked behind branches Down low, watching across Shuffling as quickly As footfalls allow Snickering between huffs of breath Metallic tasting excitement Licking fingertips between pages Wet with anticipation Sweat in eye And Still on the move

On Being Alone

They asked, puzzled, And my answers left them laughing & my own face, puzzled at the laughter Confused as to why social interaction exists Out of context and interfering with What little joy I can eek out of the short trips solitary understanding the absolute peace and calm only obtainable when removing the human element... Continue Reading →


They push outward Forcing me from out of hiding To fend amongst the bastardized These “Civil” individuals Collectively gathering & killing each other in the process


they’re showing through the walls creaking unannounced splintering the plaster under the weight of displaced years forgone promised ages prosperity dissolved in mere cabinets tossed into the dumpster fire set alight with hope fanning the flames and asking myself if there are s’mores in the future

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