Spread around on the floor, bins of collection Bits of acrylic and fingertip charcoal dust Rustling canvas, adjusting layers Hands reaching for colored pencils Wooden sticks trilling A distraction Potted plant knocked from perch Dustpan and crazy glue later We have a new creation From the leftover destruction

Unsatisfactory desire

You have five Then wanted more Like, hold your damn horses Can you just…….not? I don’t understand Why you’re so unsatisfied That you cannot be seen as you are As if what others think Actually matters

Garbled static

It’s undermining the focus Coming in and out unexpectedly Shattering images and talking back In code Flickering in patterns Shapes set to digital pixels Some other garbled messages coming through

By the numbers

Zero is less than one So much so that When you say I have zero dollars I can acquire nothing (Save for the air they haven’t monetized-yet) On-air personalities Touting reasons This, That, & the Like Never you mind the gap Between zero and one It’s unlikely to be reconciled

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