Engineering terms to describe conditions, as always, left alone to ponder the meaning how to reconcile the layers & figure out how to articulate answers so as not to “offend” sensibilities. Without discourse though, those minds slamming shut pulling curtains and a fuck you sign on the door makes consensus impossible, and puts everyone in... Continue Reading →


Keen senses tuned in strange presence aware unfolding events out of turn somehow molding form out of incoherent shape cradled in hands lightly swaddled encoded variables, eons of evolutionary theory a sign from stardust built-in from one step at a time

Little difference of opinion

Reaching out for the last slice Bread and butter off to one side Light sounds, the overwhelming intake of this moment suddenly gasping for air Pointing frantically at the throat, this universal symbol of distress Emphatically brings help and support to dislodge What’s blocking the way Why then, during these moments Do we come together... Continue Reading →

Positive vibes only

Swinging to the extreme It lasts as long as the group allows Seeing as how trouble lurks as part of the process Claiming to want feedback Denying any negatives Only leaves resentment to boil How can you claim inclusion At the expense of that-which-does-not-agree Pretending it’s not a mild tyranny Enforcement of rules ever present... Continue Reading →

Third time, it’s harassment

Underhand commentary The big deal in the doorway, no rhyme or reason to have coordinated with my schedule A request with no documents, an extremely unusual request Law enforcement in the lobby looking for an out of touch person, no rhyme or reason to arrive Yes we’ve seen this before And the onslaught is considered... Continue Reading →

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