Modern Era

Those crowds, I remember them Getting lost in the fray Far from home Lost in a nebula between Star systems So out of place; a fire hydrant on Mars This Jan. 6 panorama provided by NASA of a Martian hilltop was taken by the NASA rover Opportunity.AP (2015)


Winged messenger, led me here all dust covered and sun-dried to meet; decide from here how it feels or-which pathway holds the most promise despite obstacles, foibles and flights of fancy the sun above, impatient, hurls plasma in our general direction (we've eight minutes now) each blank lane, open to travel unyielding secrets knowable outcomes... Continue Reading →

Half-second off

These moments piled on, adding upLike a tumbleweed of dust motes (a visibly invisible production) Coupled with gravity, subtilty increasing the span between now & thenAdding another to the list of improvements to make Like time, this listgoes onwards

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