“Movie Title”

we’re all the same digital consumers hooked in daily fixes of newsfeed headlines our daily source of sound bytes no discretion advised warning labels absent free of constraint response apparently ill-consideredhung to dry like dirty laundry lined out and buried next to yesterday’s coffee grounds malcontent misaligned shattering records with sweet tooth under denial lies... Continue Reading →


Imbalances cause, Disturbing turn of events; Invisible hate. Angled cudgel cleaves, Now both sides are arguing; And nothing gets solved. If in alignment, Understanding crystalline; There is no difference.

How do you know

Well, see, I understand in ways By means you don’t Taking more time to learn Not perfect in the slightest Holding onto that which will serve Silver platters and cutlery Loyalty & hope Buried hatchets six feet from Petunias and posies Praising illiterate trees for their virtue Always standing tall Branching out Making waves

Human condition

In each case, humans are the ultimate cause Humans are the cause of disease Plight apparent Disparaging Greed and desire to sate Devoid of restraint Disappearing in front of your eyes No surprise you’re missing it Having no desire to learn Just running over squirrels As if the decision was allowed No, you in your... Continue Reading →


I go through these motions A fish out of water Breathing and brewing Another pick-me-up to start Chasing after a goal This one involves sound Somewhere in-between rhythm & a remix

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