Rummaging through dusty boxes, Tucked between old receipts and that book we read once Formal exchanges Past due accounts And lists on the back of envelopes Somewhere there’s a recipe Scrawled in pencil & tattered at the edges A lighthearted attempt at salvation By way of confectionery deliciousness


It’s six am and you were there Wrapped up in last night’s mess Leftover from years of this & that. I came home to pick up the pieces Following trails of overturned chairs Broken glass and a tv on the floor It’s not worth replacing (They sigh) Donning silver bracelets & disappearing into the morning... Continue Reading →


It’s time. Suddenly realizing the conversation has been steadily moving in this direction important, yes calendar schedule bookended by meetings, another dilemma; revealing the soft rotted underbelly of humanity sudden and jarring was not my intention Now! (internal screaming) in my ear, ringing out suddenly the voice remembers & I’m mouthing off about tape on... Continue Reading →


Whirring machine spinning freely It’s ten degrees warmer by default An hour or more to process Over three thousand versions of a query & depending on what you’re after In the end it’s just a tool No regards for the process

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