i am a noun

I am a philosopher of eternal thought, I write without reason quite a lot. I write under the pen name Kelly K Green, renamed after a person (Kelly), place (Green Island) & thing (color Kelly Green).

I indulge my mind in things like Law, the world is unfair; that’s not all. I’m not the lawyer, if that’s what you think, I do this for fun; it helps me to think.

To study these things is curious to me, it follows in line with my overarching dream.

I enjoy rhyming with words for some kind of reason, I write to remember, like the changing of seasons. I work for the people, the community I serve; leaves me breathless, and that’s not absurd.

I believe in equality, in fairness of trade, I’m also deadly with unwieldy blades. My words are a weapon, some say like a drug, I don’t do those sorts of things, though I enjoy warm hugs.

No topic off limits, no station to rest, I write in a frenzy, I’m doing my best. I hike through the hills, I sip coffee with friends, to those who are lucky, I’ll be here till end.

Living the dream is not what it seems, surviving the nightmare; seems a bit obscene. Don’t take me too seriously, for life is a joke – and laugh your way through it lest we forget we don’t smoke.

For death conquers all, so live for today, these words of wisdom guiding light everyday.

These are my words, & these are my rhymes, and you’ve got your own, if you have the time. Find a platform of peace, share your wisdoms with ease, from the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be.

May you have inner peace & outward joy,
Today & all days

Be well 🙂

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