diamonds, a reductio ad absurdum

Omnia mutantur; nos et mutamur in illis.

— Latin. ‘All things change; and we change with them.’

Humanity represents fortitude, against all the odds we endure. Despite faults, foibles, folly, and flights of fancy, we endure. We conspire to inspire, and we endure.

Like diamonds in the rough, we are shaped by human hands; flawed imperfections give us our judgmental gradients.

These value judgments, observed occlusions, determined by the same imperfectly defined people who, by and large, are ‘experts’ in their field. Eventually, they will be disproven when new data emerges that runs counter to their beliefs. They will learn, and we will learn. Like diamonds in the rough, eventually being cut and shaped, these stones existed before and will endure to the end.

The beauty of a diamond is illuminated when the light shines through; be it laser beams of red concentrate or lazy Sundays in the park, it sparkles and shines no matter what.

The creation of this stone is violent. From deep within the earth, a single element -carbon – is compressed and superheated with force unbearable from our perspective.

Then the stones were forcefully spewed upwards to just below the surface, sitting untouched for an epoch.

Eventually, miners with human hands and tools, under cruel and unusual conditions, gather the stones.

Wars have been fought, lives lost, injustice at all levels.

All hope is not gone.

Laws have been passed, yet there is more work to be done. There is a moral, legal, and ethical obligation to fulfill. Why? Because we are all human.

We are all flawed imperfections, desiring to sparkle and shine in our own unique and desired way. Sometimes we choose our path; sometimes, it is chosen for us. Every time there is a decision, it is ultimately a choice.

These foundational elements are the building blocks of what life is all about – the collective gathering of people, places, and things. To repurpose with purpose.

A passionate fire, spilt on a parched field is both detrimental and desired in nature. Without the clearing away of the old brush, the new trees cannot arrive.

A pinecone, full of delicious pine nuts, is both food and future; yet without heat, it will not open and bring forth the sustenance to satiate.

Everyone has got to eat, and humanity has come to a place where the table can be set so that everyone has a seat.

May you have inner peace and outward joy; today & all days.

Be well

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