Milky way lights the sky Wood creaking underfoot Seven paces in a circle Out beyond is where we look And when the night turns day Come whatever may Skies predicting weather If it's wet, then there's rain


He sat with the curtains drawnMulling over a half eaten bagelBits of cream cheese caught on the edgeSaying something about the weather& whether or not it was wise to shoot the breeze I took him up on the offer, having finished my coffee and being ready for the next opportunity The rusty engine coughing, sputtering... Continue Reading →

Watch the weather change

I was there In sickness and health Over decades and eons We saw epochs change & grew pole beans in summer Squash in the winter It wasn't long before Our year-round hijinks had all the Neighbors talking The gossip column full of Hot winded airbags Only good for the news & the weather Raining on... Continue Reading →

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