being human

You don’t remember me, We hadn’t yet had the pleasure; I trust we’re now well met. Passing strangers, left and right, Leaving words I left to write, While learning how to process the context of it all. The meaning of the phrase ‘Being Human’ If you, or someone you know displays signs and symptoms such... Continue Reading →

a story takes flight

After dinner one night, we sat at the table; dishes as yet unwashed, blank paper center stage, another ‘life lesson’ to be learned. He drew a line on the page, marring the perfect blank surface; then two lines at each end, creating a sort of barrier for the line. On one end he wrote ‘abstract’... Continue Reading →


Laws were enacted, long before my interest in suits, ties and case briefs. My first run in, came when the forms were placed in front of my sister. The law was new then, and compliance was paramount. Everyone had to be on board; hospital stay was a familiar term, and information systems management was something... Continue Reading →


The winds of change approach from the north. It’s always from the north it seems. Their bitter howl cutting deeply. So pleasant that spring isn’t too far out. Tell me a story, about the land. Tell me how it starts; of castle walls and high towers. The slings and arrows of fate. Holding tightly, a... Continue Reading →

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