here comes the rooster

A rooster crows, waking me from my slumber Before the morning light I kick off my covers, pressing my feet against the frigid floor A deep swift inhale of breath later, and I’m in front of the mirror Brushing my teeth and letting the water run a bit I pull back the shower curtain And... Continue Reading →

friends near and far

Greetings and salutations, to friends near and far; I hope you’re doing well, and shining bright stars. I see you, each in turn, page by page. I ponder the greatness in each one. I admire your unique perspectives given by grace, by reality checks, by the slings and arrows, and by choice. By the by... Continue Reading →

day 69

I would be remiss if I didn’t post an update. Today of all days has actually been alright. I find that I need the gum less, and sometimes forget that I don’t have a piece in my mouth. Overall this is a good thing. Eventually I won’t write about it; however, this keeps me honest.... Continue Reading →

knotty fissile

Gordian cleaved, solutions found; By leveraging powerful cuts. That’s one way to solve a sticky wicket - The other, is to play the game & Create new rules in the midst of a round. Neither solution, nor participants realize Both options are freely available. Long read: A Gordian knot is an extremely difficult or involved... Continue Reading →

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