reframe the argument

I'm curious about questions, resulting in productive reasoning. Like why the removal of a parasite is shunned, shamed and debated? The vector of said parasite, if treated, would result in less parasites. This is a logical solution to the problem, and it would save trillions. (yes, trillions with a T) Not to mention countless lives,... Continue Reading →


She turned the dial to eleven And waited; prepping a sponge with a few drops of water Light floods on the workbench Complete with extra hands, magnifier, and multiple silvery spools She gets to work Setting connections with solder and a hot poker; precisely efficient rhythm from corner to corner (not breathing it in) Checking... Continue Reading →

Three things

In among the daily grind Are three things that ye should find Intangible though they may be The key to this is you find three Can you breathe? Can you rest? Can you feel heart in your chest? Beyond the moment you will find Something calm to change your mind By writing down what makes... Continue Reading →

here comes the rooster

A rooster crows, waking me from my slumber Before the morning light I kick off my covers, pressing my feet against the frigid floor A deep swift inhale of breath later, and I’m in front of the mirror Brushing my teeth and letting the water run a bit I pull back the shower curtain And... Continue Reading →

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