removing evidence

there is a subtle difference between trophy-keeping & outright biohazard reporting on public health hazards breeding flys from the used up & wasted (stop) you know what i don’t have any idea what this is let me google it & figure out how to get these silicone sins out washing away evidence of your evil... Continue Reading →

Arbitrary Scheduling

He wanders in, abstract At whatever time pleases While towers fall around He exits, stage right each time Before the rest Have had a chance to breathe He complains That he “doesn’t feel welcome” As if his indifference to the clock Negates the reason for scheduling Promises promises Each one left undelivered

you can do this without that

It’s that moment inside that part of you starts itching little fiend scratching (it’s distracting from the conversation) that’s when you say “You can do this, without that” and then the scratching stops Later on after driving, the mundane commute high beams and horns revving the engine crossing double yellows middle fingers in the air... Continue Reading →

Star Harvest

We opened the bay, extending the R.E.X. as far out as it’d go- jokes always been a bit too short on the long swing. Well, jokes’ on you. The whole unit shuddered. JR cackles over the coms “She’s-all the-way out-boss—over” & here we go “Alright, we’re going in three stages- AG, R.E.X., Sturgeon. Got it?... Continue Reading →

Food Waste is Corporate Greed

Food waste is corporate greed Haven’t heard the news? Well, here’s what I mean In America, at night, there’s homelessness & plight stomachs are rumbling ~ No, it’s not alright when Congress is full empty heads are talking taking time and swearing off enemies cautioning. oodles. of. red. tape. stalking. we, the faceless masses &... Continue Reading →

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