Reading by candlelight

She, prim and proper arrived Sitting elegance I shuffled the deck Her question asked Eleven cards later, she had an answer Sliding 20 across the table She asked another You won't like the answer, I warned As she prodded for the deck (It's one I rarely use) I shuffled, and she asks again I draw... Continue Reading →

Then there was light

How might we examine life By microscope Details enhanced by ways and means of Common particle physics Smashing into each other & measuring the outcome My heart stopped Skipping over that last beat Walking across like playing hopscotch Starting over When lines are crossed Moving markers & claiming space All pathways are valid All pathways... Continue Reading →

to the bone

It started so innocent, A way to get ahead, get some head, hustle that bread. Then got over again Under-fed, oh the dread - the shakes, the anger, Where to go, who to call, (Gotta make that connection Make that connection) What to do when i can’t wrap my hands around My favorite piece, mirrored... Continue Reading →


I keep an eye on the weather wondering what it would take to make that final lucky break because for once part of the equation has been solved after awhile I grow weary of the same flapjacks preferring those golden squares reminding me of home cooked breakfasts with champagne Bubble tea making faces

Storm on the horizon

I shudder to think What shakes the foundation Long after A whirlwind adventure passes This house sitting empty Though it's not its fault The vault is full Of empty promises In the shape of wine bottles Corked with air (leftovers from last spring) I reach out in the cellar for light Clutching darkness Empty handed... Continue Reading →

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