Dusting off the hallowed vessel
(or was it on purpose?)

No preference to the life inside it
Strewn across the mantle
Adhering to this corporeal landscape
In every crack and crevice
Shades of foggy beaches

The universe is a carnivore
gnashing its teeth on the shattered
superposition – a measured response
Collapsing in on itself
Eventually our physics
give way by means of

Bits of bone dust & ash
Beyond swallowing us whole
It acts as the catalyst
For a universal experiment


Fraught faces stare back from the monitor
This isn’t code for anything
We’re at full stop with no chute

Skidding further into this dystopian
Reality will ultimately recreate history
From a repeatedly played out scene

Cycles return to where the first started
An alignment in Capricorn
Or alongside the tropic of Cancer

Like the flood water rising
We are walking in inches
For miles

& the wisdom of the ages

Repeatedly asks what’s next?


You’re breathing
Sitting in your chair
Reclining slightly
Slowly inhaling

Realigning to this moment
With your sacred space

We can breathe together
For as long as we’d like


Calmly allowing yourself to slip deeper
There is no hurry
Exhaling the woes of the day
All things pass through

There is no end
We listen to ourselves
Breathing slowly
Accepting the moment

Halo Testament

Signed sealed and delivered
Your quill writes verses
Rehearsed in every stroke

Eyes widen
Marveling at the concept
Of simplistic elegance
Counter balanced

Shadows dancing across
Following the sun as it leads
A parade of contrasting values

Neither choosing
Nor neglecting
To weigh in on the
Scales of Ma’at

Heavy hitting featherweight


Cocked locked and loaded
The coyote proclaimed
His silent scheme
Was oft the aim

Missed the mark
The message came
Writ on white card
The name of the game
(In heavens name what am I doing?)

In search of something deeper
Making meaning out of mushroom soup
Reading the parsley snips like tea leaves
In an empty bowl

Hey You

Hey you
Over there, talking to walls
Climbing rocks in the middle of the ocean

How are you today?

In the midst of this ambiguity
Separated by ingenuity
This social-distancing
Is a lesson in life

For those of us
(It’s a party worth calling in for)

Let thirteen be your lucky number
And may you remain healthy
While watching this intriguing
Event horizon unfold

Remember to laugh
Despite all evidence to the contrary

(absurd is what it is)
It’s bad, don’t get me wrong
There’s some interesting developments
Take a picture
It will last longer

We will survive
To endure the next phase