woodsy saxophone crowd murmuring with delight the road less traveled headlights up ahead the cars' wheels' do not see me bats fluttering off dressing to the nines low-brow highfalutin talk bubbles in a flute

Story at Eleven

It rocked the whole world, Not one person died today; Yesterday's headlines. I am sorry you think you deserve an apology; c'est la vie. Hashtag is pound sign, Quote "sorry is not sorry" That's a double quote.


Stealing more secrets, Nothing more than whisper soft; Points of no return. Can we undo knots, Splicing between all the facts; To reach a verdict? is this a black and white issueor the cover of grey magazine?


one thing to ask you, what is everything worth now; the fun is over. make no mistake now, when you do not have the means; be wise with your choice. get creative with your options (tnereffid kniht)

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