Div. 13.1

Surname alphabet soup
Able to label
& categorize in the first sitting
For billing purposes
Taking stabs at psychosomatic
Symptoms of being
Like breathing easy
Knowing the tree will bear forbidden fruit
When the moment arrives
& not a minute too soon

Giddy Siren

Stepping up on the left side
I can’t help but catch a glimpse
In passing

Falling into the blue
Sky and sea and pool
Swimming in your shadow
Articulating this is the last time

Another ten digits later
It’s hellos and how’s it going
Suddenly awakened into some
Dilapidated dream world

Puzzling over sawdust
Those horses are made
For riding
Into the sunset


They say bury the hatchet so I did
One skull seemed to make a perfect fit
Once I wedged it in properly
It took on the form of skin
Modeling clay to reform and
Reconstruct all the parts
Less so for gestalt
And moreso for the experience