Sparrow (I think)

He came to me this morning, meowing, muddy paws twinged with bits of grass, leaving traces across the platform. He's excited, and I can tell his victory meows mean he's sharing the win. I greet him warmly with pets and soft tone, congratulating on a being such a great hunter. This one is still encased... Continue Reading →

points of interest

They speak of indicators. Those data points showing us the way forward with logic. The point itself has no skin in the game it doesn't boast, brag, or proclaim value-driven results. It merely exists in scrawl by the hand of another; a translation, if you will formula for representing an abstract concept (for which most... Continue Reading →

Broadcast over radio: *static*

I check the time and the weather  several zones over; contemplating  remixes of far-off places  & people scurrying about on their   days gone by. A shiny red apple and  two tangerines escape the box on the  stand; taking refuge under dusty oxen  cart.  There is no difference  you know, save  for the weather &  branding... Continue Reading →


i hear you in the corner empty whispers, open window; peppercorn & pinewood your scent lingers the drapes, wrapped in gossamer gently tucked betwixt breaths. you are here, having been here in memory- & yet you are here again.

Sawhorse in battle

skirting the edges, living out fantastic misadventures cart in-tow, carrying toy soldiers some missing parts from that last battle metal tyres echoing off hardwood fences another across the way cart in-tow, carrying cantilevers calvary and buried amongst soldiers and cannonade there lies the captain

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