Star Harvest

We opened the bay, extending the R.E.X. as far out as it’d go- jokes always been a bit too short on the long swing. Well, jokes’ on you. The whole unit shuddered. JR cackles over the coms “She’s-all the-way out-boss—over” & here we go “Alright, we’re going in three stages- AG, R.E.X., Sturgeon. Got it?... Continue Reading →


You’re gone now, far too soon Unknown beyond reasons given It’s true the good die young & the music stays behind A lyrical memory Playing on repeat

Act now Or we’ll double your order

In the 1960’s or so(long before our time)we gathered ’round made some sounddeep in the summer of love they prized amoréin each swinging soiréeunbeknownst to themthe pied piper comes a-callingthe end is nighfor now is hereoh dear, my dear(listen closely)the time has come my tender friendsto talk of all-the-thingsof every fault and foiblethose pesky little... Continue Reading →

Reel it in

Cast your net wide Reeling in the opportunity One you would not have had Some 20 odd years ago Let it slide Into home plate Spinning whirling dervish Come to collect the prize Breathe. Give thanks for the experience And remember you will be replaced The machine never stops & neither can we

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