black holes as the zip drives of space compressing extremely large files into a saved form sometimes those files collide & become corrupted a virtual rendering of captured data mined from the source may very well power the future or we may find the simulations terminated

Act now Or we’ll double your order

In the 1960’s or so(long before our time)we gathered ’round made some sounddeep in the summer of love they prized amoréin each swinging soiréeunbeknownst to themthe pied piper comes a-callingthe end is nighfor now is hereoh dear, my dear(listen closely)the time has come my tender friendsto talk of all-the-thingsof every fault and foiblethose pesky little... Continue Reading →

It’s time, go now

It’ll be too late before you know it, long before the last ice sheet melts, the penguins will be gone. They’ll take with them a cute monkey and an even cuter ball of wild. Don’t believe me? Ask the dodo, the black rhino- they’ll tell you all the same; or the spix declared gone just... Continue Reading →

Universe 25

If it’s in one file you can’t loose it Choose it Fuse it Yet these bottle blondes insist That chopping up into smaller pieces Is easier to control or track Not sure who taught them that And I’ve got just enough patience To get me through this meeting Fleeing Screaming Away the fuck from you... Continue Reading →

patient demeanor

I heard her screaming from down the hall denials & conspiracy theories spinning yarn like it was fashionable again. It was hard to admit (& would be easier left unsaid) unfortunately you cannot fix nor alter the course once enacted it is up to them to correct the charted path & make the determination to... Continue Reading →

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