The notorious R.B.G.

and justice for all are her words thoughts and her deeds the court is adjourned It is with a heavy heart that I write these words. United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed away. She will be missed.

purring engine

My cat watches the wall like it's suddenly going to move. Perhaps it is on such an imperceptible level that my human brain cannot fathom; atomic visuals no doubt I started to pet, breaking concentration and starting up the purr machine. Let's face facts the felines are fine so are the feelings, but that's another... Continue Reading →

Void & Prohibited

If they were not scared They would actually agree What we say matters Bring that fuzzy bug The lantern that does the thing Belletristical Making change happen To remove the status quo It is up to you Tap-dancing all over your dreams

Watch the weather change

I was there In sickness and health Over decades and eons We saw epochs change & grew pole beans in summer Squash in the winter It wasn't long before Our year-round hijinks had all the Neighbors talking The gossip column full of Hot winded airbags Only good for the news & the weather Raining on... Continue Reading →


It will be ok eventually I whisper Dragging myself out to face the sun Stale vomit clings to the sheets Crawling over with ants I suppose every cycle is a circle There is no other This solitary path has no meaning No masterful puppeteering Nor beating heart ad nauseum It lingers in the stale air

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