A nice Chianti

I remember this feeling the slight pressure on the chest holding back excitement the hopes of a good outcome It's with me now Jostling slightly inside A low-hum vibration increasing in frequency (that's the impatience talking) Something beyond the perception Augmenting reality like color on tubular screen waiving hands around in an empty room

Slithering Doubt

oozing between the folds of mind lurking around corners rounded edges so deep the hippocampus remembers its home to key thoughts regulating responses and blindly thinking this speech is a sabertooth tiger chasing me for dinner on the savannah instead of presenting ideas on how things can be

noche ventosa

The wind is doing that thing again, belligerent; howling at my window so loud that the panes rattling bones in cages take notice (then going deathly silent). So at home this (not so) breezy guest finds itself oh so at home amongst the shed doors, latticework spider bolted on the north side. This nonchalant extrovert... Continue Reading →

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