Fall back

Shopping cart on pavement Rattling echos throughout the neighborhood Traffic on the main thoroughfare Whooshing by in a hurry to go nowhere Birds chirping on telephone wire Tweeting incoherent messages at the traffic below Sometimes they listen

As it is, so to speak

Nearly everyone supposes themselves to be good, the exception being, the worst think of themselves as much better than they are and the best think of themselves as much worse than they are. Then there are the correct, which think of themselves as they actually are regardless of how good or bad, but they nearly... Continue Reading →

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A need to recharge Unplugging and stowed away Relics of the digital age Clashing with the drapes As the will to endure  Meets the road of life

Next time

There's two ways to start a fire One involves waiting for a lighter The other means doing the work Rolling uphill towards the bottom Over and over and over Being responsible stewards & moving forward

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