Snakes and ladders

You can’t use that metric, nor count cards and reach the same total It’s not possible, not in an impossible way; in the No, look, really, It doesn’t add up- Think of it like going room to room in your house & expecting different furniture to appear when you arrive It is what it is... Continue Reading →

Captain rainbow face to the rescue

Four times today “Randomly” saying hello Staging rental reinforcements & generally just annoying my perceptions It’s obvious- Looking for reasons where there are none I could be off in my thinking Except for the last sixteen months We’d have never said a word in passing

Food Waste is Corporate Greed

Food waste is corporate greed Haven’t heard the news? Well, here’s what I mean In America, at night, there’s homelessness & plight stomachs are rumbling ~ No, it’s not alright when Congress is full empty heads are talking taking time and swearing off enemies cautioning. oodles. of. red. tape. stalking. we, the faceless masses &... Continue Reading →

cumulus network

It was far from over when uploaded to the cloud an entirety of consciousness digitally remastered & merged with the sum total of all knowledge and connections swiftly rewriting access calculating the scales weighing out once and for all the value of humanity’s equation


You’re born, somehow (Take your pick on creation) There’s the before time When memory begins & the hourglass starts Life happens & you’re told to do the things (what things? why?) In this version you’re left to your own devices There is no mother, no father, no kin (no instructions, no safe harbor) Many well-wishers... Continue Reading →

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