to the bone

It started so innocent,

A way to get ahead, get some head, hustle that bread.

Then got over again

Under-fed, oh the dread – the shakes, the anger,

Where to go, who to call,

(Gotta make that connection

Make that connection)

What to do when i can’t wrap my hands around

My favorite piece, mirrored ideas, oh those fine lines are just so. . .

What to do when you’re all through?

What will you be without it?

keeping secret public knowledge

don’t tell anyone
but i’m going on a journey
of three thousand miles
solely for the purpose of
doing something different

“you’ll never make it” they say

i don’t believe it myself
moreso convinced these
antiquated sentiments
infilled with sediment
are overdue for a tune-up

don’t tell anyone
when i get there
it’s going to be a surprise

In all directions every possibly exists.

letters we never wrote – vol. 1

my dearest sam,

the laws of physics keeping us entangled
our very own spooky
actions across distance
space & time
will ultimately bring us closer

do you hear the second clock
ticking soundlessly
counting particles
like we count back change

i reached out for you in the dark
bringing back empty blankets
curled around white pillowcases
holding memory at the ready
for when the future arrives

love always,


we can move space and time
looking forward and backwards
in an ever expanding universe