Beyond the board

Before dawn, i rise, taking on the tasks of the day. Elated at the thought of accomplishment only to be letdown by reality. Blue skies contrast a grey mood, elevated by caffeine and wishful thinking i, blinking back transparency holdfast. Another tempest approaches; howling winds, rain that shifts sideways suddenly. Then sudden calm. This frightens... Continue Reading →

Drop it like it’s hot

The sun showed up again today Making me feel all warm and alive Uncomfortably warm & alive Oh dear god that’s hot Plz stop sun kthx bieee The slick cup descended, taking with it the hopes & dreams of the moment scattered across the floor a new test of life

For corner

Knock Knock Hello? Sketching memory onto a blank page Holding on to bits and pieces One letter at a time Twilight blue blackout curtains Hiding behind ultra violet rays Protruding in every direction and unseen to the Naked eye; looking directly into the shadow Opportunity knocked at least once Trying to get ahold of -... Continue Reading →

fire is hot like fire

Now if we shift the narrative slightly We'd almost tip the scales In our favor of blind justice Weighing in on the destruction Attention is had by eyes near and far What happens soon If you're writing new history? You're not writing The. New. History. & the ilk didn't know how to swallow their pride... Continue Reading →

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