Pit stop

It was her turn to drive, we’d be at it for hours the quiet hum of NPR on the radio in the background, something about whetting the whistle in modern times sipping on that pop we picked up in Tallahassee just after that dude asked us for directions. I pulled a deck of cards out... Continue Reading →

Growing up

They warned me, that eventually I would grow up, learn something and make my own way (without actually hearing the words) There would be trials and tribulations skinned knees, and that scar across brow no one will remember (we hadn't yet met) What they didn't know, and I realized after travels and heartbreak between sips... Continue Reading →

wet weather percolation

It's just after sometime o'clock I know it, because the bell rings (at least once) to remind me to start the kettle I watch with glee as water boils & barometer drops low pulling in those grey giants from the next town over

tuning in

sub hertz hearing quiet hum of motor stretching out one syllable repeating patterns this machine utters nonsense while I pour another cup

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