double tap

one of those caught-in-the-rainstorm moments between the seven ten and a flight of stairs hello mat soaking in and with a double tap we’re in A foyer, and there’s a towel (oh god yes hot coffee) trading tales from the streets and catching up on the weather

Mundane Interference

Rolling between my palms I miss the familiar sloshing Peering inside I found the cup to be empty Gleefully realizing there’s enough for another round With just the right amount of cream Making my way back Some from fifth dimensional creature That little shit tripping me up Sending constellations of caffeine across Countertops and walls... Continue Reading →

Now and never

Biscuits baking in oven, watching timer tick down; fresh water boiling Carafe at the ready, fresh grounds installed Still five minutes left as the kettle clicks off Wandering back to the kitchen Settling scores and buttering Home baked goods

Pit stop

It was her turn to drive, we’d be at it for hours the quiet hum of NPR on the radio in the background, something about whetting the whistle in modern times sipping on that pop we picked up in Tallahassee just after that dude asked us for directions. I pulled a deck of cards out... Continue Reading →

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