You’re at it again, fingers flying across the board all the numbers flowing an atmospheric river of data taking feedback and relaying the results they read zero plus everything else you can find

Slippery Slope: All gas no brakes

Welcome to the twenty first this century, rather than solve problems we create them flippantly ignoring the obvious and trapping the “morality” (snarky laughter inbound) Incidentally, you know humans do operate without such features installed - as does the mechanics of an asteroid poised to annihilate what difference does it make by following this path... Continue Reading →


Light echoes through Pulses of negativity charged hydrogen Flung electromagnetic & Captured in still life Tin snapshot development Momentarily unblinking

choose your own adventure

at five they wander stepping over perception messing with perspective there’s three holding a mirror & looking down the infinite hallway silhouette a light at the end. grasping corners swinging through and fifty-six stitches later (one for each year) closed chapters and nickels shaken a fairy-book tale.

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