Dissecting the Shadows

Thirteen. You asked, and that’s how many encountered long after the blisters healed wound and open sores swallowing salt to soothe every time. I tried denial- it slammed the door clear into next Tuesday whispers become shouts in the halls walls ringing in contrary vibrations I’m only as invisible as physics allowssometimes the darkness helpsthough... Continue Reading →

Defective Programming

Here it is, held to the light Turned over by hands Some unresolved issues out in the open Simultaneously writing code (Corrupt at that) Trying to integrate (Albeit due to faulty code) Replication as a form of contentment As if to say it ever makes anything better When in the history of existence It brings... Continue Reading →

One to zero, zero to one

You’re not real An impressionable carbon copy Not-fully-readable Neither original nor actual It stands to reason You don’t exist Not by law, or design Nor by outside desire Further complicating things By erosion Pulling everything from where it belongs Destroying commonplace understanding Driving wedges betwixt parties In the name of proving It’s not a delusion... Continue Reading →


She’s got herself contorted Some new pose gleaned from the Glossy pages of improvement Balancing between breaths A living statue Shaking through it all Beads of sweat and breath work In the name of improvement Blades of light filtering through

The harvest is coming

icy chill fleeting i taste winter on the wind first sip of pumpkin-flavored consumerism tourists. rumbles of diesel engines shouting across fields rubber trodding along methodical hum bright light at night whirl of fan blades in the distance harvest has arrived

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