sneakers on a telephone wire

before it was rome carriage drawn by hand or ass, depending on the means at the time cheering loudly arena filled it’s the same in this century as was before this repeating of history all roads returning dead ends & sharp corners no more are there bound definitions each flexible iteration unfolded maps with no... Continue Reading →

removing evidence

there is a subtle difference between trophy-keeping & outright biohazard reporting on public health hazards breeding flys from the used up & wasted (stop) you know what i don’t have any idea what this is let me google it & figure out how to get these silicone sins out washing away evidence of your evil... Continue Reading →


clear blue crisp air, birds on a telephone wire obstructing view frame consumed by kaleidoscope of color vibrant yellow, ultra-violet, and emerald growing smaller up, and up, and out of view

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