You wouldn’t believe

Top hat brimming with two white ears at attention, on a pumpkin Rainbows in the trees fresh breath encourage-mints & it’s only April having been encouraged to name the idea left up to my own devices (quite apparent unsupervised is safe enough) though I am left to question the color changing lights Hidden behind fluffy... Continue Reading →

Long after dark

Your contempt apparent Not my fault y’all done did some stupid shit Just cus’ I read it across your face That fluff you been packing on Ah yah I sees it there Shouda, woulda, coulda Gon’ take yourself out back a bit Prolly to the next town over Pretty hard to get out from underneath... Continue Reading →


Wishing you the very best On your merry day And even though it’s tomorrow The wishes are here to stay So fill your cup with laughter Top it off with a little joy Celebrate with friends and family While enjoying your shiny toys

Meandering in the castle

In the mansion of the mind You will find it’s how you left it Since last you toured inside Nothing out of place Each unique memory placed Inside objects imaginary Behind doors that don’t exist The second floor only accessible by elevator Do you remember where? (Where what?!-) Haven’t the foggiest Though I suspect it... Continue Reading →

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