the empty room

six sides to each story paper-thin dichotomy each retelling more or less dramatic windowless white walls tiny gremlin in the corner one red eye staring one black as pitch, twice as dark semi-winking under uncooked spaghetti tubing glitching fluorescents all the more reason empty coffee cup tumbles settling half circle a page turns & gremlin... Continue Reading →

ascribed to text

show me where the historical archive states something about the state of things no, dearheart your “interpretation” is not the same as a direct quote never you mind what has been lost in translation show me where the historical archive states something not written rewritten translated war-torn and well-traveled where the meaning is unchanged no... Continue Reading →

hello there

you are there, brightly shining laughter at the corners of your lips drawn up the inverted rainbow giving hope to passerby and strengthening composure there is a tone to your voice subtle so much more to say beyond a simple hello

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