you can do this without that

It’s that moment inside

that part of you starts itching

little fiend scratching

(it’s distracting from the conversation)

that’s when you say

“You can do this, without that”

and then the scratching stops

Later on after

driving, the mundane commute

high beams and horns

revving the engine

crossing double yellows

middle fingers in the air

(it’s not that you care)

“You can dodge without ramming and keep the peace”

Soft whoosh of glass sliders opening

blast of recycled air

and greeted with a scene from

novella dystopia

over the nature of animals

watching them in action

all huffed up and red-faced

over ass-wipe and



I would venture to think we could do our shopping

without the bullshit temper

over the number of items

lack of public respect for health

and whether or not your irresponsible choices

are any more valued than the rest

as we all move

I watch scenes unfold in this state of


Can we do this without that

on the conveyor belt of life


that a can of soup

can do you in

(I saw this coming)

once you pushed that lady in aisle three

who was just going about her day

oh my

there was so much blood

she didn’t mean to

it was just that final straw

after surviving

if only we could just go about our lives without the shitfuckery of others

we would encounter better adventures

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