Star Harvest

We opened the bay, extending the R.E.X. as far out as it’d go- jokes always been a bit too short on the long swing. Well, jokes’ on you.

The whole unit shuddered.

JR cackles over the coms “She’s-all the-way out-boss—over”

& here we go

“Alright, we’re going in three stages- AG, R.E.X., Sturgeon. Got it? Just like we practiced back home.”

Static crackles

“Confirm count – over”

“Three – over” *hisss*

“Two – over” *hiss*

“One – over” *hiss*

“AG sequence on?”

“Sequence confirmed”

“R.E.X. Sequence on?”

“Sequence confirmed”

“Sturgeon is go?”

“Go for Sturgeon—yeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhaaaaawwwwwwww”

The walls humming wasn’t well understood

Nevertheless we had to try

Last chance for civilization

Bright light detected

“Did we get it? God damnit man tell me!”



“We did it- we’re on!”

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