Mystery Solved

Scratching their heads in confusion Lack of commonsensical response They’re both ignorant and incompetent Lacking drive to understand So, there’s really no mystery It’s all just willful stupidity Promoted in false confidence To the detriment of the whole


running on gossip, the court of opinion hears; pitchforks and torches. the power is out, doesn’t seem like a good plan; let that fear shit go. pounding on doorframe, is that opportunity; trust but verify.

Herding cats in the dark

It’s dark inside Disoriented Feeling my way across the floor Hand touching fur It’s coarse It’s not my cat Scooping him up to put back outside Soft purring And the annoyed sound As if to question my motives For wanting more sleep

Star Harvest

We opened the bay, extending the R.E.X. as far out as it’d go- jokes always been a bit too short on the long swing. Well, jokes’ on you. The whole unit shuddered. JR cackles over the coms “She’s-all the-way out-boss—over” & here we go “Alright, we’re going in three stages- AG, R.E.X., Sturgeon. Got it?... Continue Reading →

Looks like rain

Dark grey over vineyards Shadows chasing off the crows Transforming one by one Into Bordeaux or Pinot Noir Delicate hints of history underneath Leaving clues to forecast the winter It’s going to be a wet season Invitation to come inside & Reconnect over titillating tidbits and forgetting for a moment The road still washed out... Continue Reading →

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