house on the hill

Four years ago it had a price tag of half a million

Today, it’s over three quarters of a million

That’s 800,000 reasons for a crisis to unfold

Alongside the three point five million slated for each vineyard

Constantly reallocating land to commercial use

Instead of reinvesting in the community

It’s why we can’t build our way out

Because the rate of reproduction outpaces available resources

It’s a social cancer that spreads

It’s doubtful they wanted to leave

They were left with no option

Trying to survive the hostility

Of the wealthy

With their NIMBY-isms

And CEQUA claims

Mindlessly gossiping about how they’re affected

By seeing the reality they created

Wanting cleanup in aisle three

Snapping fingers like it’ll do any good

When broken by another

Feigned innocence and moral outrage

The same compassionate misanthropes

Installing their own brand of fascism

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