black holes as the zip drives of space compressing extremely large files into a saved form sometimes those files collide & become corrupted a virtual rendering of captured data mined from the source may very well power the future or we may find the simulations terminated

Suddenly empty

Cacophony of swirling thoughts Slowly moving in A summer storm at high noon Empty pockets looking for stones A collection of memory Finally categorized and labeled in glyphs (for easy retrieval) Remarking on the sudden change in weather Leaving stones to tumble from hand asking Bobby jo what happened last season Mouths agape watching the... Continue Reading →


You’re gone now, far too soon Unknown beyond reasons given It’s true the good die young & the music stays behind A lyrical memory Playing on repeat

At the intersection

It’s still under construction This tiny traffic light Powered by ideas and riddled with Pitfalls of misfiring During crossed wires And excited utterances All stop and go (Sometimes full throttle) At the intersection between silence and speech

Act now Or we’ll double your order

In the 1960’s or so(long before our time)we gathered ’round made some sounddeep in the summer of love they prized amoréin each swinging soiréeunbeknownst to themthe pied piper comes a-callingthe end is nighfor now is hereoh dear, my dear(listen closely)the time has come my tender friendsto talk of all-the-thingsof every fault and foiblethose pesky little... Continue Reading →

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