Little difference of opinion

Reaching out for the last slice

Bread and butter off to one side

Light sounds, the

overwhelming intake of

this moment

suddenly gasping for air

Pointing frantically at the throat, this

universal symbol of distress

Emphatically brings help and support to dislodge

What’s blocking the way

Why then, during these moments

Do we come together without restrictions or fear

It’s as if there’s a different value placed

On the “how” you are suffering

Not the fact that you struggle to breathe

Quick fixes tend to bring 15 minute heros.

Folks want to believe they’re good…

It’s the not being able to breathe

and the not having something

Not a “reason” to be choking

Yet experiencing it the same

Only to be scolded and instructed to “get yourself together”

Outcast because it doesn’t fit the company culture

You’re embarrassing me

Over time, experience teaches

There’s no convenient hero to the rescue

It’s the same here as is there

(Sometimes the weather even sucks)

In between these little differences of opinions

Is the binding tie we cannot escape

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