human confusion, man identifies as shark; found dead in ocean. some days you know me, masking glorious façade; merely playing dead. i broke a magnet,tried to find a monopole;duplicate dipoles. breaking news at ten, there are sharks in the ocean; they say they’re human.


Lights, siren and strobes mass exodus, gibberish conversation at the inconvenience lacking understanding the design is to prepare in the event of an actual event you wouldn’t believe how many forget

Meaningless Friction

unwieldy tempers flare, over subjective facts or another version different story where the tables turned sideways & both stories subjectively scarce in reason sudden stars and sirens fists flying over what amounts to nothing what’s the tipping point of this tinderbox or is it merely another feature of the system turned inward and self-loathing in... Continue Reading →

Reel it in

Cast your net wide Reeling in the opportunity One you would not have had Some 20 odd years ago Let it slide Into home plate Spinning whirling dervish Come to collect the prize Breathe. Give thanks for the experience And remember you will be replaced The machine never stops & neither can we

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