They’re doing it again That pretending to care While “secretly” gathering evidence in the most obvious ways Stating twisted versions of situations out of context Creating hostility and venturing into dangerous territory Playing with fire in the barn Locking the doors while it burns

Food Waste is Corporate Greed

Food waste is corporate greed Haven’t heard the news? Well, here’s what I mean In America, at night, there’s homelessness & plight stomachs are rumbling ~ No, it’s not alright when Congress is full empty heads are talking taking time and swearing off enemies cautioning. oodles. of. red. tape. stalking. we, the faceless masses &... Continue Reading →

Decimal places

She’s out in the wild, heralding times of ecstatic changes marking ten years in the making changing lives by saving the bottom line giving back their free time now, there is more to enjoy on a weekend working towards something more than living wages wedged between stacks of paper in the inbox ever growing piles... Continue Reading →

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