Food Waste is Corporate Greed

Food waste is corporate greed

Haven’t heard the news?

Well, here’s what I mean

In America, at night,

there’s homelessness & plight

stomachs are rumbling ~

No, it’s not alright

when Congress is full

empty heads are talking

taking time and swearing off enemies

cautioning. oodles. of. red. tape. stalking.

we, the faceless masses

& our pocketbooks, open

empty wallets, children crying at the losses

we’re left holding a rope and


told to hang on, that help is on the way

what about the rest of us, who get lost in the fray?

you’ve lied to our faces and it’s hard to place the blame

in one face in the faceless masses

coming to terms with this urge to

dip dump and purge

perfectly good produce

because it doesn’t produce a profit

then unabashedly attack anyone fending for the scraps

you write off at a loss

& the cost of starvation staring at the face

of the faceless masses

not giving a chance to thought

elected systems systemic

not a problem of enough

it’s the decimation of distribution that’s the problem

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