Slippery Slope: All gas no brakes

Welcome to the twenty first

this century, rather than solve problems we create them flippantly

ignoring the obvious and trapping the


(snarky laughter inbound)

Incidentally, you know

humans do operate without such features installed – as does the mechanics of an asteroid

poised to annihilate

what difference does it make

by following this path laid before us

ignore the possibilities of removing the natural processes

(Because why, morality?)

death stands at the doorway, inhaling your scent and hungry to devour you

it arrives in the form of another human, the degeneration of your own ilk, and it’s sudden

we sit glued to the screens and entranced at the collective suffering

adding to it with each anonymous connection

emboldened in collective spite

over being forced to exist alongside

and having no remedy for the underlying pain

why else then, would the restrictions mount

the “moral outrage” being sparked off among the listless masses

so parched, so very basic

yet convinced otherwise by

their own minds

trying to make babies like it’ll actually save the world

more unwanted mouths to feed

these rats left to breed

led again

an idiotic notion

that the fruits of labor are joyful

a corrosive acid

is all that you need

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