Universe 25

If it’s in one file you can’t loose it

Choose it

Fuse it

Yet these bottle blondes insist

That chopping up into smaller pieces

Is easier to control or track

Not sure who taught them that

And I’ve got just enough patience

To get me through this meeting



Away the fuck from you and your ilk

For a moment of peace without shrill cries

Of injustice from emotional maladaptation

Throwing a century of progress out the window

So you

And your wounded

Are allowed to bleed all over the furniture without a never-you-mind

Taking up space

Irrespective of biological logic

Now fronting in space

Level the playing field

By scorching the earth

Yes, the future is bright

Because the sun keeps rising

Each degree we arrive closer to the precipice

Pushing ourselves forward by irrational measures of success

One by one entering the abyss

The social behavioral sink

Making our way down the drain

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