do not disturb

In quiet solitude, all is well there are no external qualms nor outside interference decisions are readily made, without objections or haughty indecision and there’s always time for coffee why then, so caught up in the rat race do your eyes even need to glance this direction as if it was abhorrent that someone enjoy... Continue Reading →


Attracting and repelling these humans Are a force in and among themselves Unnecessary multiplication divides each operating in Bipolar fields; positive & negative focusing on the subjective whereabouts of each radiating line reading into the forms as if there was any difference

Sending a rain check

The rain came down, he gathered it for me Sending it first class Through the cloud Deposited near the sea The rain came down, it quenched the thirst Hungry fire left to slumber Under those beautiful grey skies lumbering Weighing the cost of scorched earth policy Those corporate sponsors bottled up the reservoir Reserving those... Continue Reading →

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