patient demeanor

I heard her screaming from down the hall denials & conspiracy theories spinning yarn like it was fashionable again. It was hard to admit (& would be easier left unsaid) unfortunately you cannot fix nor alter the course once enacted it is up to them to correct the charted path & make the determination to... Continue Reading →

Meddling with parameters: a theory

Black holes are shaped like magnetic, flattened, Klein bottles formed in transit while moving so fast it begins sucking into a void & consumes itself an ouroboros in space forever hungry at the edge of the event horizon at a full stop (because maximum gravity) gulping down this space whirlpool forms our oceans taught us... Continue Reading →


Sometime ago we paired alongside some chipper youth invigorated running rampant, squealing with glee (or was that the tyres?) smoke and screaming, yes flashes of pink embers touching charcoal waves of sound flush with cash green-backed & bare metal lower and raise rocking back and forth, edging closer not enough this time third run is... Continue Reading →

Court of Jesters

Now in session, this procession of clowns will commence; henceforth in the month of May, (if you will) study the cross-reference examination of harlequin herald & hand-cut stones, embedded deep in the heart of the defense held in suspense, buried in snow to the ankles- trying to change the view.

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