Oratorical Prophecy

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, positioned to influence all sorts & manner of matter made materialistic magically manifesting whimsical outplays of in-field games catching one hitters from the sidelines it’s all fun and games till the bottom of the fifth and I can see the future red red and red and blue walking back mincemeat... Continue Reading →

Teal blur

Snippets of video stitched together Musical score, emotional vignette Framed in context Among trees and that bubbling stream Fishing compliments from the web And tossing out turns of phrases From a moving car

Electric bills & bicycles

Wiring harnesses entwined Modern era vines Interconnecting our futures In a tangled world wide web Skyrocketing prices driving Folks halfway across town City State Lines transplanting Thoughts from one place to another Reiterating the importance of climate change While getting 6 mpg on the trip So Investors pile on batteries Getting charged on the sale... Continue Reading →

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