It’s full of hope, potential, and promise Capturing imagination by performing feats of calculations & holding that piece of data just long enough to field requests endless clicks and tips and tricks just to get the damn thing to register each piece a struggle each connection empowering it never stops

It will be ok

In the middle of the night, a creak, a panic, and the cat visit, they take turns taunting my senses. Next morning, so dreary, feeling weary blanketed underneath grief; sorrow wrapped like a quilt & stuffed into the walls of this internal castle no noise leaks out there was pandemonium with missed deadlines, the awkward... Continue Reading →

Nachos Bell Grande

It’s not the thing, but what I name that-which-I-don’t-know-the-name of Making for interesting conversations Pointing to a stack of boards Saying I need the bell grande and that nacho while you’re at it I know what I’m after, And more often than not So does everyone else.

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