There’s a bear outside my window, sitting pretty in wildflowers There’s a dog on a pony over there Their fur glistening, I’m curious what conditioner they’re using If only to ask a question In between acts

Tales from the Florida coast

Fizzy pop can exhales, Dude leans back, just enough and takes a second to steady Sweaty aluminum in a cozy Starting off with Some other expectation in mind Ending in-between expletives Arms flailing towards the ground In a comical showing of gravity And precarious situations

Now and never

Biscuits baking in oven, watching timer tick down; fresh water boiling Carafe at the ready, fresh grounds installed Still five minutes left as the kettle clicks off Wandering back to the kitchen Settling scores and buttering Home baked goods


On. Off. All worked up over a spark, just one flip of a switch; turning senses into sensors, & feeling our way through.

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