What’s that…noise?

It waves itself in through the door and down the hall. Another door awaits, this one stretched over & taut. Whispers the request & the door moved, shimmering in response. From behind the scenes it gets louder. There's......water splashing? Soft rustling like wind through grass.The release of lavender & lightning.

Slithering Doubt

oozing between the folds of mind lurking around corners rounded edges so deep the hippocampus remembers its home to key thoughts regulating responses and blindly thinking this speech is a sabertooth tiger chasing me for dinner on the savannah instead of presenting ideas on how things can be


One square placed, glued to the floor Tapped in place(soft hammer blows) They're in the back with the diamond blade Gnashing against another square; frictionless conversation When it's said and done the next job awaits Shaping bushes into lawn gnomes, and taking the back roads home

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