reframe the argument

I'm curious about questions, resulting in productive reasoning. Like why the removal of a parasite is shunned, shamed and debated? The vector of said parasite, if treated, would result in less parasites. This is a logical solution to the problem, and it would save trillions. (yes, trillions with a T) Not to mention countless lives,... Continue Reading →

New skills acquired

It was a report, simple in design The data looked blessed in its messy ensemble, utterly meaningless without direction We gently shredded through all the excess, noticing how each column aligned perfectly (after much consideration) In between sips of coffee There were highlights in sassy pinkAnd gold stars for showing up In the end it... Continue Reading →


I know nothing in the grand scheme of things Getting put in my place By wiser souls with knowledge Passing it down By way of learned behavior Spelling it out The intricateness of language Barriers and boundaries And the fun fact of silent starters Those fun words Like psychologists who sing aboutptarmigan bread

points of interest

They speak of indicators. Those data points showing us the way forward with logic. The point itself has no skin in the game it doesn't boast, brag, or proclaim value-driven results. It merely exists in scrawl by the hand of another; a translation, if you will formula for representing an abstract concept (for which most... Continue Reading →

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