Broadcast over radio: *static*

I check the time and the weather  several zones over; contemplating  remixes of far-off places 

& people scurrying about on their   days gone by.

A shiny red apple and  two tangerines escape the box on the  stand; taking refuge under dusty oxen  cart. 

There is no difference  you know, save  for the weather &  branding of  businesses

It wasn’t until I couldn’t get a steak (or a chicken, or a cat for that matter)  did  I realize we’re all mad here.  

It was an atrocious debacle; feathers   flying & literal scraping in the streets –  one glint of sun, faster than you blink

suddenly everyone knows

we’re all mad here.

The steel sighs heavily, weight of the world pressing. I reach my hand to calm the ache, feeling the shudder of equipment overhead

outside is too bright these days

It’s as if its driven us mad.

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