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It became quite apparent After Flipping through pages haphazardly Moist fingertips blurry More flipping & Realizing What I'm after isn't in stores Can't be special ordered & Quite frankly Doesn't exist If the object of Pursuit Is to obtain Desire builds a printer for the task


It's somewhat spring like, Tending to the garden bed, turning overLast seasons dirt with bare hand and trowelRemembering the difference between lettuce and That-which-does-not-belong(I don't have names for them yet) Under fading sunlight the landscape has changed, leaving behind discarded remnants of invasive species

A nice Chianti

I remember this feeling the slight pressure on the chest holding back excitement the hopes of a good outcome It's with me now Jostling slightly inside A low-hum vibration increasing in frequency (that's the impatience talking) Something beyond the perception Augmenting reality like color on tubular screen waiving hands around in an empty room

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