noche ventosa

The wind is doing that thing again, belligerent; howling at my window so loud that the panes rattling bones in cages take notice (then going deathly silent). So at home this (not so) breezy guest finds itself oh so at home amongst the shed doors, latticework spider bolted on the north side. This nonchalant extrovert... Continue Reading →

Morning dew

It's quiet now, just after dark clouds clinging to the ground pulling themselves along by rustling leaves snapping twigs leaving dew drops in their wake these ghostly apparitions fanning across red brick grey concrete dripping on the patchwork lawn I'd never see them leave like they were always there being chased away by the sun


Pillow like Squishy Tactical delight When held over fire & allowed to ignite Slathering on chocolate Sticky icky fingers Collecting the goo Between two gram crackers What deliciousness do

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