I stole this from Twitter

Firstly, I don't have the twitter. Blue bird sounds too much like blue balls and the association is much like the endless feed- excruciatingly painful. That being said, there are amazing bits of whimsical insight. Here for your amazement and joy, is a gift within a gift; enjoy. "The Night Before Christmas 2020" by K.... Continue Reading →

Before noon

Pulled in to the stationAnother fill-up required On the way out A few golden words of wisdom "don't let no one wrinkle your clothes" Modern wisdom in the modern age


How do you make eleven It's more than six and seven We get there ten and one Sometimes nine and two In other words These numbers mean the same As their value is combined Unless you're rolling One Casting fate from your hand A single, solitary die Glittery dodecahedron landing languidly Perhaps it would be... Continue Reading →

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