deck the halls

Nightmares uncover hidden dimensions,

our own unaddressed fears

the theme here is diverse,

with twists of financial

& sexual exploitation rampant;

deceit, delusion, & karmic retribution oft follow.

the spotlight flipped on just before  the  tempest tossed rage
having discovered hidden caves
flashlight in hand
they whisper

a pound of flesh for paradise

deeper we go – still deeper

i warned you
the waves, lapping greedy


saltwater froth

the splintering of wood
beam of light across the bow
glinting yellow beneath

follow lost sailor beyond ocean sea, underneath tides rising yearning to be free

merchant met mermaid

or so goes the tale

tempest tossed seas

pitched back by the gale

he harkened a bellow

into the dark night

arriving an echo

all is alright

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