deck the halls

Nightmares uncover hidden dimensions, our own unaddressed fears the theme here is diverse, with twists of financial & sexual exploitation rampant; deceit, delusion, & karmic retribution oft follow. the spotlight flipped on just before  the  tempest tossed rage having discovered hidden caves flashlight in hand they whisper a pound of flesh for paradise deeper we... Continue Reading →

Into the Neptunia

We collected everything we had, stuffing knapsacks with keepsakes and heading off Pockets full of day old bread We made it as far as the river that day, sometimes dropping crumbs We we're running from something, or other more persuasive adventures called Luckily friction still operates normally, heating tin cans on coals and conjuring a... Continue Reading →


I reached back into my grab-bag of tricks Nestled betwixt scraps of paper and scores of pens Bringing forth that buried idea Blowing dust into galactic clouds (two sneezes later) Showing off this rough-hewn stone The tangible from the intangible

red light, green

Midnight oil burning Behind, technologies glow Headlight passes periodically, Rustling fallen evidence- Of seasons changing. Behind concrete and asphalt Mirrored windows pass shadows of fluttering reflection.

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